Three saving tips for the shopaholic


Many of us live from paycheque to paycheque. Money in the bank equates to money for the spend. As long as the spend does not cross the earnings, there will not be any bad credit loans. But many of us forget and just pull out the very accessible credit card and forget all about the money that we make and the need to save  . It can be so easy getting into debt. Yet it can be so difficult to get yourself out of debt. If you simply cannot bring yourself to stop shopping, then try these to see if you can work towards some savings:

Keep the credit card in the Locker

No emergency will come if you decide there will be no emergency. Keeping a credit card in the wallet can be a blessing when you go out to shop, as you will not be tempted to reach into your wallet everytime you come across an item you simply cannot live without. Spending cash is not easy as the cash actually dwindles right in front of you. But dishing out a credit card is. After all you feel rich when you make the purchase and when you know you have the power to make the purchase.

Debt Agreements

If you already have, bad credit loans then, by a debt agreement can help you towards more savings. A Debt Agreement involves negotiating with the people that you owe money to. These negotiations lead to an agreement which then becomes legally binding. This agreement can involve a number of measures including periodic payments, paying less than you owe, a moratorium, a transfer of property in full or part payment.

Limit after work activities

Studies have shown that we are the most vulnerable to spending when we are tired or exhausted. This is the time when we pick up most of our frivolous items. Stick to a routine like going for a walk  or a gym after work. This controls the unnecessary spend. Save the socialising for the weekend. This way you control and manage money well. This includes friday night. Do you really need that drink on a day where you have had long working hours. it just might be better to unwind at home and enjoy the drink in a relaxed manner on the weekend. More value for money spent.

Four recipes for good health


I would define good health as a healthy body, healthy mind and a healthy spirit. Good health is a balance of all three. In-fact all three are not independent of each other and overlap in a number of ways. To keep ourselves healthy we need to keep all three. Here ae some recipes for a healthy body and a healthy mind:

Breath work
Breathing the right way is important so that oxygen reaches all parts of our cell. An increase in the oxygen flow to the body results in increased concentration, increased energy and restores a balance to the body. We live mostly sedentary lives and spend more than half the day at the desk. Because of this sitting posture the breath that we take, is not a complete breath. The breath does not reach the lower parts of the lungs. Similarly when we exhale, the toxic air is not completely released from the lungs. As we learn to breathe deeply and correctly, oxygen reaches all parts of the lungs and other cells and organs and toxic air is expelled. Pranayama is a way of breathing and by practicing this yogic form of breathing, we can improve the overall health of our body. Pranayam has known to cure ailments due to controlled and regulated breathing

Raw foods
Our bodies were built to digest raw foods and nuts. Raw foods have enzymes that are necessary for a healthy body. These enzymes are lost when we heat food. A certain amount of food has to be cooked and eaten. However seventy to eighty percent of the food we consume should be eaten raw. Fruits release anti-oxidants that combine with the free radicals to improve our health and keep us free from diseases. A number of vegetables like carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes and other salad ingredients can be eaten raw. However it is not easy to eat raw spinach, kale or other bitter leafy greens. In such a case juicing or blending is an excellent way of taking in the vegetables in a raw form. Cold Home Pressed Juice provides you with a daily dose of good health in a small glass. Just juice some greens and you have an excellent energy drink.
Yoga is excellent for the body as sweating makes you release toxins from the body and repairs worn out cells. Try incorporating a few yoga asanas to your exercise schedule or opt for a complete yoga class. Yoga means a union – it is a union of the mind, body and soul. Sitting in a particular asana for long periods helps strengthen specific muscles at the same time relaxes the muscles.
Yoga brings balance to the body and allows ” prana” or energy to flow freely through the chakras. Open chakras are an indicator of a healthy body and healthy mind. There are other forms of exercise that can be done to balance the energy flow in the body. Tai chi, martial arts are all forms of movement for a balanced body.


Meditation refers to a state of relaxation connected to the present moment. We live stressful lives and our body is mostly on the alert mode. Taking a few moments to connect with yourself, will release toxins and destress the body. Meditation does not have to be done for long periods. Just spending ten minutes in quiet contemplation can do wonders for your energy level as well self esteem. Do not dwell on any thoughts. If thoughts come, then just let them pass. This will empty your mind of clutter and leave you feeling refreshed.

Creating space for comfortable living

Citadel_living space

As your family grows so does the need for additional space in the house. Some of the easiest options are to increase storage space by doubling up pieces of furniture as storage containers. We have all tried adding the additional couch that also serves as an additional bed, adding shelves in nooks, utilizing the area under the stairs and so on.  There comes a time when addition of an extra room or an extra floor becomes a necessity. A whole room can do wonders to the look and feel of a house. Just creating an additional living space can bring in a lot of comfort.

Most of us avoid this as it involves too much time and too much mess. However, additional space can be quite a simple if handled correctly. The first step would be to identify the reasons for creating the additional space. Once you understand the reason, it becomes easy to identify what needs to be done. If you can, then at this point consult with a renovation company. An expert can guide you well once they know the reason for the extensions. When it comes to creating a complete room or a floor, it is good to hire an expert who understands the floor plan and areas, where extensions can be made. In case some some wear and tear is required, it is best to opt for a professional demolition company that has the expertise for both residential and commercial demolition. Focus Commercial Demolition  can help you with safe demolition and complete removal of demolition debris.

If complete demolition is not what you have in mind , then some areas where extensions can be made would be:

Complete floor
Adding a complete floor requires an assessment of the existing structure and the capability to hold additional rooms. Modular extensions are really easy and now are used to set up a complete floor.

Covering a porch
A porch looks beautiful and serves as a wonderful entry point to the main house. If you have a porch along the entire front and back of the house, think about using a small portion of the porch to create an additional room. Porch extensions make beautiful sun rooms, playrooms and living areas. Make sure you maintain the flow of light and air by using big windows than can be opened and shut. The back of the house can be used to extend the kitchen or a pantry to create more living space in the interior of the house.

Extending the backyard
If the backyard is large enough, then creating an additional room that serves as an entertainment area, can free the main house from a lot of clutter. Keep the option of opening up the area by installing open doors all around instead of brick walls. Doors can be left open when the weather is good or closed as required. Extending a backyard can be pretty simple and does not require too much labor.